Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm back

Actually I've been here all along just a terrible case of neglect. So I'm back to infuse fresh blood into MiSh - maSh. The transformation began a couple of days back when I decided 'big pictures' should not be the reason my ardent followers come to pay a visit, so I've made them all regular size and will now start posting pictures again.
I've also chosen to feature my progress in the Found, Stitched and Dyed Project here.

I'm working with this old cotton knit t-shirt which belongs to my husband. It has this intriguing stain on it.
I'm not sure what stained it. Its pinkish in colour. Could it be rust?
Come back in a week to see the changes I have wrought to the t-shirt with stitching and dyeing.


  1. Good heavens, you are Mish Mashing again and that too with rusty T-shirts and all! Can't wait to see the next post and the transformed shirt.

  2. The transformation is going to be slow and over a year.Have to give this rust dyeing a serious try.