Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Reveal

Remember the experiment of beer caps sprinkled with vinegar and wrapped up in the t-shirt and left to marinate in a plastic bag?
Its been a week and time for the reveal.

A sprinkling of fungus. A bit like stardust I like to think. This was unexpected, a lovely bonus I must say.
The beer caps did rust. So they are made of iron and not aluminium like I feared after the bundle was created and left to marinate.
The results of my first experiments with rust.
The pinkish stain which was the reason the t-shirt was donated for the found, stitched and dyed project has as a result of the rust experiment faded out of sight proving that it wasn't rust after all.
Any ideas of how to fix the fungus spots so they don't fade or disappear when the t-shirt is washed or boiled in the next experiment?
Here's what others are doing.


  1. Not bad at all. You have a work of contemporary Art there.

  2. It doesn't end here.By the end of the experiment this is going to be one fantastic transformation I'm hoping.

  3. My experience (from some unintentional fungus spots on a white pillow cover) has been that it is very difficult to get them off! A 95deg hot machine wash (and several other washings later!) they remain steadfastly on the fabric, forcing me to prematurely retire the article. (-: