Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Idlis at Kamat Upachar

Its only in the last six months or so that I've started making idlis. I make fantastic soft idlis ( I'm being truthful  here and not boasting - many have eaten the idilis and praised the soft sponginess ) and this knowledge has spurred  me on to experiment with other grains so now I make the regular round idlis with rice and I also make Ragi idlis.     
In the idli world there's much to achieve yet - take the idilis at Kamat Upachar on the Bangalore Mysore highway.  
The idlis aren't round but like little cylindrical parcels wrapped in strips of some leaf and secured with the leaf stalk and steamed. 
The leaf strip is unwrapped to reveal the cylindrical idli. We've tried to ask the waiter's what type of leaf it is but the answers aren't convincing. Wonder how the leaf container is made and the batter poured in, and does the leaf case impart a flavour to the idli? 
The spongy idli is served with coconut chutney and sambar. 
The charming store room at Kamat Upachar has produce suspended from bamboo poles against a backdrop of a mural of people engaged in various agricultural activities.

In my quest for all things Idli a a copper Idli steamer tops the list. Any leads would be highly appreciated as well as different idli recipes.
Leave a comment  and an email adress if you would like my ragi idli recipe.

Kamat Upachar is a must  for breakfast if you are travelling to or from Bangalore to Mysore and I would recommend the Chow Chow Bath besides the Idli and Vada.
Crowded on weekends but worth the wait. 

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  1. The leaves are Screwpine . The leaf does give a distinct flavour, aroma and texture to the product. The leaves are long, they are rolled and stiched with sticks to make them moulds, it is filled with batter and steamed. Making them is an art and a culture of karavali region (Udupi, mangalore) of karnataka.Fruits and vegetables are stored in Karavali region in this way to provide sufficient ventilation and give longer shelf life to the items. Glad that u loved them.