Saturday, September 22, 2012

Farmers Market

Somewhere in Canacona, Goa women were gathered in little groups along the roadside with small piles of produce laid out on plastic sheeting or an old plastic tablecloth.   
I recognised some of the vegetables like the Indian cucumber or Dosakai,, Coconut and Betel leaves but there were some fruits or were they vegetables I was seeing for the first time. 
Can you identify the berries and fruit in the picture. I bought a bunch of the lime green origami looking fruit but I don't know what the name is or what its used for. I first thought it was Star fruit or Carambola but they are like paper. I think I'll see if it makes a good natural dye or maybe a mordant. 
I asked in Betalbetim and then again at Varca but the local Goans didn't seem to know and they hadn't seen it before.

Here's a great recipe for a Dosakai Pachadi -Cucumber Chutney Salad.


  1. :) Thanks for the link to the recipe! Totally love the produce pictures - and I'm mighty curious about those so-very-interesting-looking berries that I can't identify either! (Love carambola with chilly-salt!) Are those skeins of fresh banana fibre strips? :)

  2. You're welcome Ila, I've seen the Dosakai in the market/store hundreds of times and wondered how to cook it until I came across your recipe which is so simple and satisfying. Yes, that's skeins of fresh banana fibre strips - wonder what people buy it for - to tie flowers? This was just a day or two before Ganesh Chaturti so I wonder if all that is on display has some significance and connection to the festival.