Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Kotthu Parota

If you haven't eaten Kotthu Parota then make it a point to try and eat some next time you're in South India. Tamil Nadu is where you need to start  and you're sure to get the best should you find yourself in the Salem Coimbatore region.

Don't bother making it at home because its street food unless you get lucky and get invited to a party where a friend had a kotthu paratha specialist come all the way from Salem to make all manner of wonderful regional specialities like Kalaki, Karandi and Kotthu Parotas .
Kotthu Parota as the name suggests starts off with parotas which are made and then torn into little bits.

On a large flat, heated griddle (which you won't have at home) roughly chopped onions,curry leaves and green chillies are fried. Add some salt.
A ladle  full of gravy is poured and mixed.The mixture is cooked for a couple of minutes.  
Then two eggs are broken into the mixture and scrambled.
A generous quantity of precooked boneless chicken is thrown in and cooked for a couple of minutes. 

Kotthu parota is a one dish meal best eaten straight off the griddle. I'm a big Kotthu parota fan.
Where do you get the best Kotthu Parota?

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