Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progress on Found, Stitched and Dyed T-shirt

Tea is an important part of my life and I've dyed fabric with the dregs of my morning cuppa ever so often so I decided to dye part of the t-shirt with tea.
One sleeve was put into the vessel containing the tea decoction and left to boil for about twenty five minutes.
The results of simply dipping and dyeing.
The overall appearance of the t-shirt now reminds me of the sky so I'm going to call this piece The Firmament.


  1. You asked me to warn you if it surfaces so I will. The madness of your tribe has finally manifested itself good and proper.

  2. I think you're right.Off to God's Own Country. See you mid December.

  3. See you dear. I'm off on a trip too.
    ps: The Firmament is the sort of Art that galleries here are looking for.