Sunday, December 12, 2010

Radhamani Akka's Kitchen

On my latest trip to Kerala I was invited for tea to Rahdhamani Akka's house and I fell in love with her kitchen.
Here's Radhamani in her kitchen. She's wearing a nightie which in most other parts of the world is strictly viewed as nightwear but in Kerala its considered to be loungewear or leisurewear, something to be worn in and around the house and neighbourhood. The crafts women suggested I should consider wearing a nightie and stole on my next visit because my trousers and tops were creating a minor stir if you please!
The movie posters of malayalam film actor Mohan Lal make a brilliant back splash for the section which has the wood buring stove. When the posters get grimy and black with soot they are torn off and replaced with posters of the movie showing in town at that time. Most kitchen have a wood burning stove for daily cooking which is slower and a gas stove for making that quick cup of tea.
Firewood in the loft. Stainless steel utensils, pots and pans. Radhamani Akka keeps a spotless home. Everything has a place.
An assortment of ladles, strainers and spoons.


  1. I simply loved this post! Now I want a kitchen too with film posters in it. At least I want Indian Film posters to decorate my walls. Must figure out where to get them. Really dig the fact that you visited in a nightie! Did you wear your orange crocs with it I wonder.

  2. Yes I want the film posters too but there's no wall space left in my kitchen.I didn't visit Radhamani in my nightie but the thought of a nightie and my crocs would lave them speechless!!! I just might do that next time.

  3. I would love this kitchen by the time I retire! Have to find a house in God's own country though!!great pics Maya!!!lovely.... gives me good memories of my ammamma's kitchen...the vessels especially.