Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bathing Beauties

I snapped this pic of frolicking beauties atop a cake in the refrigerator of the Elloras in Dehradun. 
They must have a very creative baker because I've never seen anything quite so amazing before. I wonder if this was specially ordered by someone.

The Ellora bakery ( there are two of them side by side) the one on the left if you are facing the stores is where you must buy the melting moments toffee wrapped in red and white striped wax paper.There's a chocolate flavoured variety too wrapped in brown and white striped wax paper.

Next door at the second Elloras I bought Bhuira jam. No preservatives and the fruit combined are unusual and so full of flavour. Bhuira jams, jellies and crushes are made in Himachal Pradesh came way with bottles of Apple and Ginger jelly and Cape Gooseberry preserve, I need to find out if Bhuira's is available in Bangalore anyone seen it in stores in the city?

Elloras Bakers,
29, Rajpur Road, 
Phone : 0135-2711211, 3293403

Bhuira Jams,
Himachal Pradesh
Marketed by : Earthy Goods and Services Pvt. Ltd.  ( I checked, the website is under renovation) 

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