Saturday, October 27, 2012

Starfish on the beach at Betalbetim

I set out for the beach hoping to collect huge piles of sea glass and when we got to Betalbetim beach I was surprised to find no rocky outcrops on the beach just miles of beautiful sandy beach.The tide was going out and close to the waterline we discovered starfish in the sand - like a flower strewn beach. 
For the first time I got to see live starfish, little crabs and crabs in shells. 

I got to know later that the beaches of north Goa have the rocky beaches - perfect for sea glass hunting and gathering and the beaches of South Goa have sandy beaches. 


  1. Wow - I've never seen these on a beach like that! In some of the pictures they almost seem like "cookie-cutter" shapes on the sand - at first I thought you'd done it on purpose (like those shells decorated around crab holes in the sand that I remember from an earlier post of yours! :D Beautiful.

  2. Ila they do look like cookie cutter shapes.Can't figure out how that happens.The other thing was whether they are baby starfish or adults.I couldn't stop taking pictures with my phone.One of those wow moments.