Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Aanaimariamman Temple

Brightly painted temple dedicated to Aanaimariamman somewhere in the middle of the Mudumalai forest.
This is not normal I believe but hey its a temple where the tribals come to worship once a year.
The jungle tracks leading to the temple were strewn with liquor and beer bottles. Pretty wild temple festival but not very eco friendly.
Click on the image above and check out the painting on the back of the shrine. Elephants coming to drink at a river with mountains in the background and dense forest on one side. Someone got a chance to express themselves. Cool I say!
The Nilgiri mountain range in the background.


  1. I simply love this bright oasis of candy colour right in the middle of nowhere.

  2. The colours are to die for, wonder if there's a formula for the colour combinations something prescribed in the shilpashastra or if its purely the artist's decision.